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Team Building

You are at sea, it’s a pitch-black night and a storm is imminent. Your team has to navigate an ocean going yacht using only the instruments, to a safe and sheltered mooring quickly. The nearest safe haven is about two miles away in a nearby river estuary. The entrance is unlit and has a sand bar across it. Your mooring is a further mile down the dark twisting river. Everyone in the team is totally focused on his or her allocated task, no room for error now. The depth starts to decrease as we approach the sand bar, everybody’s eyes are now straining for the first sight of the entrance buoy to appear out of the gloom.......

This is just one of the possible scenarios we can implement to gel your group into an efficient and focused team. Surprise yourselves with what is achievable.

Commercially coded yacht with Yachtmaster skipper: From £500per day + food, drink & any other extra requirements. 


Corporate Hospitality

Want to make a lasting impression on your current and potential customers or business associates? You will have your own private yacht for the day and we can customise the event to reflect your business requirements. Sit back and relax with your clients while we attend to your needs, or if you wish to take a more active role your Yachtmaster skipper will introduce you to the sailing basics and in an amazingly short time you will be handling the yacht yourself.

 The relaxed atmosphere aboard encourages interaction that simply does not occur in a business environment. “I have made more progress today than in the last six month in the office.” Was the departing comment of one of our customers. Give them an experience they will remember your company by, long after the event. It can make all the difference. Commercially coded yacht with Yachtmaster skipper: From £500per day + food, drink & any other extra requirements. 


Rewards for Employees

Our "Fun Days" have proved very popular as a reward for star employees who show good performance, motivation, and skills in the work place, or as part of a memorable retirement present. We can issue named “Sailing Fun Day” vouchers if required. See Fun Days



We run a  Racing programme thoughout the year taking in events such as Round the Island Race, Cowes week and many of the numerous sailing regattas staged in the Solent. There are limited places available on the yachts in these events. So if you or your clients fancy being in the thick of it as part of a racing crew or indeed chartering and sponsoring a yacht in your companies name, this is the one for you. See Racing


Important Information

We can cater for any number of people, larger groups may require more than one yacht. Minimum age is 16. Maximum weight 20 stone. No previous sailing experience is required. Non-swimmers are welcome.


Where are we

The yachts are based on the South Coast, in Southampton and  Hamble, with easy access to Southampton water and the Solent area.



Tea, Coffee, soft drinks and biscuits on board are inclusive.

We can provide food and drinks onboard or ashore at extra expense. Please contact  us with your requirements when planning your event.



Corporate and team clothing can be provided, as well as prizes, gifts and certificates to mark your event.

The weather
Sailing may be cancelled or curtailed in extreme weather conditions which would make it dangerous. Please call the office if in any doubt.

Spectators are welcome to wave you off from the Marina, but will not be able to join you on board.

Dress code
Dress casually in several layers of clothing to allow for hot/cold weather. It is important to bring an anorak and soft-soled shoes (e.g. trainers/deck shoes). A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential on sunny days. life-jackets and waterproofs will be provided. Don't forget your camera!

Selected dates from April to October, and occasionally outside these months too. All booking is subject to availability so please book early to avoid disappointment.








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