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  Cork to Hamble Delivery


Donny & the aftermath of Cork week

The return crew Martyn Donny & Craig.

Craig enjoying the mid Irish sea blast. (Big Grin).

The only picture we managed to get of the Dolphins

The only picture we managed to get of Scott from the "Dark Side" (Nos Mayo) opposite Newton Ferrers

The BIG Whale Shark (25ft)

Sunset with tea & cake.

Back through the Needles Channel again.


Cork to Hamble Delivery Trip

22nd to 26th June


Departed Cork on a great reaching sail, accompanied by Dolphins at 8-9kn in sunny F4/5 SW winds. By mid Irish sea the wind had swung  south, dropping to F2 and remained light and variable for the rest of the trip. This meant drifting, motoring or motor sailing all the way back to Hamble. A  stopover in Newton Ferrers enabled us to ride the flood tide on our approach to the needles. Dolphins re appeared as we crossed Lime Bay. The last night gave us a glassy sea and a fantastic sunset as we ghosted along, drinking tea and eating cake, whilst watching a huge basking shark swim around us, very surreal! The fog and mist then descended and we spent a damp humid night watching the thunder storms flashing away to the north of us. This cleared by first light to give us a very bright sunny, but still windless approach to the needles and home.


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